Why Sinerium? Staking Platform

( Started ) DPOS Earnings

A total of 29.000.000 sinerium tokens can be staked by sending them to burning pools in stachable wallets. 29.000.000 tokens will be staked and in return, a total of 58.000.000 reward sinerium tokens will be distributed to the wallets that have staked for 16 months. The 29.000.000 staked tokens will burn after 16 months, and users will be able to generate Sinerium Tokens by staking, reducing the number of Sinerium Tokens on the one hand.

Total APR 200%

1.month 20%
2.month 19%
3.month 18%
4.month 17%
5.month 16%
6.month 15%
7.month 14%
8.month 13%
9.month 12%
10.month 11%
11.month 10%
12.month 9%
13.month 8%
14.month 7%
15.month 6%
16.month 5%

( Started ) Affinity Reward Program

A total of 5 million tokens are reserved for the affinity reward program. 5 Million Sinerium tokens will be distributed to wallets that meet the affinity reward program conditions.


( Not-Started ) Affiliate Reward Program

By staking sinerium tokens in your Sinerium secure digital wallet, you are entitled to a share of the daily rewards program.

100 sinerium tokens are distributed daily in the reward program for the first 6 months. For the next 6 months, 500 daily sinerium tokens are distributed in the reward program.

For the next 6 months, 1000 sinerium tokens are distributed daily in the reward program.

The bounty program will end after a total of 3 million tokens have been distributed. The sinerium tokens staked here will be able to get the tokens back after the end of the stake.

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