Why Sinerium? Sinerium

Sinerium Tokenomics Tokenization

Sinerium is a crypto asset created to solve two main problems. On the one hand, Sinerium leads companies, brands and legal entities in the issuance of cryptological products, NFTs and Tokens; On the other hand, with the Sinerium New Future platform we developed, we aimed to provide financial support for the realization of start-up ideas in a decentralized structure.

Sinerium provides tools based on the binance smartchain to help institutions and organizations engage with their audiences and earn money while doing tokenization work.

Our contract address : 0xb1f9ea111e5056686e3f6cc21e97864d87f9f81e


Where magic is happening Sinerium Tokenomics

By tokenizing companies, brands, legal entities, institutions, organizations, foundations and associations, we aim to attract these entities to the crypto money sector and earn money. By ceremonializing this trillion-dollar industry, we aim to enable organizations to generate additional income and interact directly with their customers.

Total Supply 99000000

Stake Rewards 58 million XNR
Burn 29 million XNR
Marketing 5 million XNR
Wallet Rewards 3 million XNR
Arge 2 million XNR
Team 2 million XNR

How does this happen Sinerium New Future

With the application we have developed, start-up companies and projects that are at the idea stage will be exhibited within our application. Among these exhibited projects, people who want to support projects and ideas can fund these projects, as well as win prizes from the sinerium token pool in the application. In this way, important projects within the sinerium platform will be realized. Sinerium is a token created to support innovation projects and innovative ideas waiting to come to life. In this way, it will enable ideas that are open to development in the world to come to life. Sinerium acts as a bridge connecting the crypto money industry with the Start-up and finance industry.

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